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Cheetah brings reliable tested leading indicators to support and create great workplaces; ones that are safe, healthy and productive

What gets measured gets managed, so why not measure the things that your business needs to keep ahead of the game?

Being able to see ahead and respond proactively to what is coming is the difference between success or failure in a venture. Although this is an easy WHY to understand intuitively, it is much harder to accomplish in practice. HOW and WHAT are the two areas that companies find difficult. Cheetah can help companies with that and more.

Leading indicators are those that give you a heads up that action is required. Good ones allow measurement and comparison, are meaningful to both users and leaders, have a balance between being flexible to capture surprise and structured to help people to trust them, and have built in validation and reliability. Leading indicators can be difficult to identify, test, continually validate for reliability and still allow immediate responsiveness and systemic overview. Getting the front line story and experience right away is often a problem especially for teams separated geographically or by reporting lines .

Cheetah has developed leading indicators over 8 years of field work with high risk companies, with company leaders, supervisors and front-line staff. These are the leading indicators of performance and health and safety that we identified together.


Every job is planned. There is a lot that goes into planning work and a company needs to know that the work has been planned well so that our people doing the work can do it safely and efficiently. We want people to stop having to take short cuts, get frustrated, or getting hurt because something is missing to get the job done. The dynamic nature of work needs responsive communication.

Information flow

The information coming from the front line should be presented in a way that can easily be found and managed so that health and safety issues and project delivery issues can be identified early and fixed promptly. That results in smoother operations for front-line staff, better information flow, and better business agility.

Debrief/Job Reviews

Projects reviews are usually done at the end of a project. They have a particular function. Responding to the dynamic nature of front line work, and dynamic risk management means knowing every day how theproject is going. Doing Soundings as we go along will mean we can intervene early.

The Cheetah® app manages a lot of information on a continuous basis, at different group levels about how the job is going; comments help pinpoint problems for further investigation.

Flexible framework for team meetings

“How did it go today?” That is a nice open question, and people will most often say “OK” or “Good”. It is helpful to get a little more specific. Cheetah® is a framework for getting people thinking about what they need to get the work done better. It allows for wide discussions of interrelated topics - something that checklists don’t do. This improves:

  • Safety

  • Health and

  • Performance - whether people had what they needed to do the work efficiently.

Getting your feedback on how the job is going or at the completion of a job – even a small job – will help manage dynamic risks in the field.


“Cheetah adds new understanding to our management.”

matt Southern  |  independent lines ceo 2018


Keep bean counters happy

The information gathered from Cheetah can be used to predict how well a project will be completed with respect to timing and budget. A project that is late, over budget or delayed by numerous investigations does not make anyone happy. There is a major advantage in finding out early what situations are going to impact the project bottom line.

The results can change the way you run your business


  • Productivity

  • Morale

  • Work Quality

  • Safety


  • Rework

  • Injuries

  • Absenteeism

Pivot and fix.



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